Writers Guild, AMPTP meet continues for 3rd day; Studio CEOs Meet Friday – Deadline

The Writers’ Union and the AMPTP met for the third time this week on Thursday to try to hammer out an agreement to end the ongoing writers’ strike. It remains uncertain whether they will meet again on Friday, but Deadline has confirmed that the studio’s CEOs plan to meet on Friday.

Deadline understands that studio CEO virtual meetings are semi-regular events, with heads of some major entertainment companies discussing possible ways to strike a deal with the Writers Guild.

The WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers last Friday called off the strike for the first time, beginning May 2 and ending Tuesday. Tuesday’s meeting reportedly ended with “mixed results,” and since then, they’ve been going back and forth to see if they can come to a tentative agreement.

As of yesterday, there was no meaningful progress in bridging the gap of outstanding issues, sources told Deadline.

Key strike issues include wage increases, audience-based streaming residuals, “protecting the writers’ room” through minimum staffing and guaranteed work days, and preventing the use of artificial intelligence to write scripts.

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