Idaho student murders suspect Brian Kohberger stalked victims on Instagram, family says

Among the endless questions of November 2022 murders of University of Idaho students Kaylee Goncalves, Madison “Maddy” Mohan, Chana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin – Do You Know Their Killer?

A Affidavit describing the case, investigators say DNA, cellphone records and surveillance camera evidence link accused killer Brian Kohberger to the crime. But his attorneys say in court filings that “there was no connection between Mr. Kohberger and the victims.”

Criminologist and CBS News consultant Bryanna Fox adds, “The defense says there was absolutely no connection between the defendant, Bryan Kohberger, and the victims. There was no motive, no reason for this crime to take place. So, basically, it raises additional. Doubt in the minds of jurors.”

From left, Kaylee Goncalves, Madison “Maddy” Mohan, Chana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin.

CBS News

But still Kaylee GoncalvesThe parents, Steve and Christy, believe they have proof of the connection.

Within minutes of learning Kohberger’s name, Christy Goncalves says, “We went online and immediately started Googling.”

Steve Goncalves adds, “They told us he was a PhD student at Washington State. We were like PhD? What’s going on? Who?”

Steve and Christy Goncalves spoke with “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Zandt about “The Night of the Idaho Student Murders,” now streaming on Paramount+.

They say they found “digital evidence” they say showed Kohberger’s ties to two of the victims.

The Goncalves family provided “48 Hours” with screenshots of an Instagram account they believe belongs to Brian Kohberger. Those screenshots include Kohberger’s Instagram profile and a list of people she follows, including Maddie Mohan and Kaylee Goncalves (pictured).

Steve Goncalves

In an interview with Van Zandt, the Goncalves family provided screenshots of an Instagram account they believed belonged to Kohberger. Those screenshots included Kohberger’s Instagram profile and a list of people she followed, including Maddie Mohan and Kaylee Goncalves.

“48 Hours” could not verify the authenticity of this account.

Christy Goncalves said when she tried to cross-reference the accounts of Kaylee, Maddie, Chana and Ethan, the Kohberger account appeared to be linked to Maddie’s Instagram.

“You’d go on Maddie’s Instagram account and see her pictures and she’d love them,” Christy said. “He liked them. Brian’s name was under a lot of Maddie’s pictures. I liked her pictures, like that picture and that picture and that picture and that picture. So he was actively looking at the Instagram account.”

The Goncalves say the account is no longer active. It disappeared shortly after Kohberger’s arrest, the same day Kaylee and Maddie had a “celebration of life.”

“By the time we got home from ‘Celebration of Life,’ it was gone … the Instagram account was gone,” says Christy Goncalves.

A judge entered Plea of ​​not guilty On behalf of Kohberger. A Test date Not declared.

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