The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most competitive Apple flagship in years

There is something special about the iPhone event. It’s the most exciting summer phone announcements and it’s the biggest phone event of the year.

But iPhone upgrades have become a boring affair in the past few years. That changed this year — the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most competitive flagship Apple has produced in years. Scratch that – the iPhone 15 Pro Max is Apple’s most competitive flagship ever.

It finally caught up with the Zoom Android flagships

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s unique tetraprism periscope finally puts Cupertino head-to-head with Android competition. The unique lens design features a prism that bounces light through 90-degree angles four times before reaching the sensor. The further the light travels, the bigger the zoom and Apple found a way to zoom to 120mm (5x, from the main camera).

Apple’s telephoto camera also has a large aperture of 120mm with f/2.8. For reference, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s 120mm telephoto camera has an f/3.0 lens, although it has a larger sensor.

It has the world’s first 3nm chip

Apple has always pushed the smartphone chip envelope forward. The A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro models is the world’s first 3nm chip you can buy. It’s state-of-the-art with Apple’s unique big-small-style configuration – the CPU has 2 performance and 4 performance cores, while the GPU is a 6-core unit with ray tracing.

Finally a stable port

The iPhone’s switch to USB-C has been rumored for years, but it still feels surreal to finally see it. For the first time, the iPhone can use an industry-standard USB cable that everyone has at least a few of.

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A fresh, interesting design with thin bezels

For years we’ve had shiny, fingerprint-magnetic iPhones with uncomfortably sharp edges. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a more rounded edge, a brushed titanium finish and even slimmer bezels.

Using a titanium and aluminum alloy body, the iPhone 15 Pro Max weighs 221 grams – less than Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It’s still an iPhone

That means the 15 Pro Max will be a much smoother phone. It boasts amazing battery life, a robust iOS software experience, premium all-round imaging and the best video capture of any phone ever made.

And the ecosystem of accessories is better than any other smartphone out there.

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