Valve Announces Steam Deck OLED, Switch Says It’s Paving the Way for OLED

Game company Valve, responsible for such series half life And Web homepageToday Steam announced Deck OLED, a follow-up to its original handheld with long-lasting battery life, fast downloads, and tons of other features.

During an interview The Washington Post Commenting on the updated system, Valve product designer Greg Coomer noted how Nintendo led the way with its own ‘OLED’ handheld, noting how it made customers around the world “very happy”:

“[The Switch OLED] It definitely showed people that OLED screen reliability is generally higher. It’s a great product from Nintendo that makes tons of customers around the world very happy.”

Valve has a lot of Switch around its own offices, and while it’s not yet ready to release sales data for its handheld device, Steam Tech has been successful enough to expand the business.

The new Steam Deck OLED comes with a 7.4″ screen, which is 0.4 inches larger than the previous one and has less bezel. The weight of the system has also been reduced to around 640 grams. In contrast, the Switch OLED has a 7″ screen and Joy. -Conn assembled weight is 420 grams.

Admittedly, the Switch wasn’t the first gaming portable to use an OLED panel, but its popularity certainly helped spread the word about these bright and colorful screens. Washington Post games reporter Gene Park also shared a comparison of the Switch OLED with the Steam Tech OLED and the PlayStation Portal device.

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